Item #48771 HOMOSEXUALITY: 25 Questions and Answers. Vern L. Bullough PhD, MA Barry M. Dank, Howard E. Fradkin PhD, James L. Kepner Jr, MLD W. Dorr Leed, BS Robert E. Newton.

HOMOSEXUALITY: 25 Questions and Answers.

Bullough, PhD, Vern L; Barry M. Dank, MA; Howard E. Fradkin, PhD; James L. Kepner Jr; W. Dorr Leed, MLD; Robert E. Newton, BS

Los Angeles: Institute for the Study of Human Resources, n.d. 1970s. Four-fold pamphlet. Very good.

Item #48771

4 x 8.5" (folded; 16 x 8.5" unfolded). 25 common questions and answers about homosexuality, written in plain language, aiming to replace misconceptions and fears about homosexuality with a better understanding of the subject. Includes a short bibliography.

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