About Us

Original, careful descriptions of sexually explicit materials. Our stock covers the range of sexual practices and manners of depicting them. The data can be browsed and searched using many parameters.

"Rather tame and somewhat quaint," says one viewer. The descriptions emphasize the serious literary, artistic, political, and scientific value of each item.

Some of our specialties: sexology; pornography and censorship; erotic photography and art; gay and lesbian studies; women's studies; transsexuals and transgender; nudism; sex instruction manuals; paperbacks and erotica; vintage men's magazines; Parliament artwork; vintage bondage and sadomasochism; female domination; and all sorts of fetish and bizarre sexualities.

This unique database represents over 30 years of collecting and dealing in erotica and sexology. Here the "sophisticated collectors of the unusual" will find many delightsome items to fill in their collections, answer their sexual questions, and explore new interests.

New materials are uploaded several times a week, and new galleries of strange, rare, and wonderful sexual manifestations are added often. So come and "Gyrate to the new social turmoil!"