ADAM FILM WORLD. Vol. 03, No. 08, December 1971.

Los Angeles: Knight Publishing, 1971. Saddle-stapled magazine. Very good.

Item #48513

magazine of 100pp., including covers, dedicated to nudie / exploitation films, both domestic and international, plus erotic bits from the mainstream. Illustrated throughout with b/w, color, and duotone photos. Featured films include THE EXOTIC DREAMS OF CASANOVA (raunchy update of the classic; orgies and some S-M); THE BEAST IN COLD BLOOD (crazed lesbians, some interracial, bloody murder); MOTHERS, FATHERS AND LOVERS (anti-marriage love story); EVE, THE FIRST STONE (Swedish erotica); THE OMEGA MAN (a bound Charlton Heston); BEYOND LOVE AND EVIL; WILD RIDERS (bikers, rape); CHECKMATE TO THE QUEEN (bondage, torture, lesbians); MAZZABUBU (Italian film on cuckolding); HE HAS WHAT SHE TAKES; ONE SUMMER (lesbian romp); 'TIS A PITY SHE'S A WHORE (Charlotte Rampling in a sexploitative version); FEAR HAS A THOUSAND EYES; Ken Russell's THE DEVILS; A DAY WITH ILSE (married porno girl); and HOW DO I KNOW YOU? Plus interviews with Greydon Clark and Jacqulin Cole, director / actress couple behind MOTHERS, FATHERS AND LOVERS, and Film World's Movie Guide - two-page film guide listing the Best Movies of the Sixties. Also, many great vintage ads, including a Knight Magazine calendar, and several for Holloway House paperbacks, ranging from erotica to a selection on The Black Experience, and a free selection of "stripped" books, cosing postage by the pound.

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