Item #91335 THE STAR; National Edition

THE STAR; National Edition. No. 51, 1976 - Bookstore Edition.

Beverly Hills, CA: The Star Family Press, 1976. Tabloid newspaper. Light shelfwear; edges a little ragged. Very good.

Item #91335

40 pp. Approx 11.5 x 17.5". Staff: Paul Eberle, Shirley Eberle, Paula, Ric Dante, Theresa, Duke, Luigi, Lenore, Linda Scott, and more. An underground, reader-written porno paper. Illustrated with b/w erotic photographs and drawings. Classifieds with photos. Vibrator Orgy. My Black Lover. Raped by High School Girls. Help Me, Doctor! Catalogue of the Century. Art by R.L. Babcock. Prisoner of Love. Smash the American School System. Better Than Any Chick. Ladies Only. Obeying Him. The Freaks, comic by Jody Roberts.I Was babysitting. Joan Had Only One Leg. Rumpleforeskin column by Paul Krassner (Patty Hearst's Acid Trips?). Patty's Doomed. 'Faggot' Marriage? Dope Pages. News and Quaaludes. Greg (Allman) Sings to Grand Jury. The Same Old Reality, comic by Steve Lorden. Snuff Porn New Career for Mineo. Film reviews, plus Roxy Music, Ratz live shows. ladies in Bondage. Incest is Quite Common.

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