Item #91317 THE STAR; National Edition

THE STAR; National Edition. No. 29, 1975.

Beverly Hills, CA: Star Family Press, 1975. Tabloid newspaper. Light shelfwear. Very good.

Item #91317

40 pp. Approx 11.5 x 17.5". Staff: Paul Eberle, Shirley Eberle, Mickey Leblovic, Joe Roberts (Jody Roberts), Gail Wright, Lenore, Dante, and more. An underground, reader-written porno paper. Illustrated with b/w erotic photographs and drawings. Classifieds with photos. News: police brutality at Pink Floyd concert. Rumpleforeskin's Column, by Paul Krassner. San Quentin Alley. Witch Trial! Not Salem 1975 Ici, by Gregg Heacock (prosecution of Z Budapest of Susan B Anthony Coven for fortune telling). 3 Excerpts from a Vietnam Diary. Joanne & Chris comic. Rock n Roll Suicides (Steve Lorden comic). Dream. Horny Letters. Dog Style. Wet Banana. Head at the Movies. Fly Me to Ecstasy. Fone Fucking.

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