n.p. No Publisher, n.d. Saddle-stapled cardstock covers. Light shelfwear. Very good.

Item #80468

48 pp., plus covers. A magazine-format collection of Tijuana Bibles, plus some b/w nudes, sexploitation stills, humor & other cheeky stuff. Of special interest are several unusual historical eight pagers (Alger Hiss & Whittaker Chambers; Gandhi, Chiang Kai-shek, Stalin). Tijuana Bibles: Charlie McCarthy in Using a Wooden One. Mae West in The Hip Flipper (a 32-pager). Schnozzle. Bob Hope in My Pal. Cary Grant: Male War Bride. The Kid Sister: The Winner. Victor Mature in Samson and the Lion. Alice Faye and The Ritz Brothers in Three of a Kind. Martha Raye in Filling a Large Caviity. William Powell and Myrna Loy in Nuts to Will Hays! Bonnie Parker in Amputated. Judy Coplon in Lawyer. Mahatma Gandhi in I'll Eat My Share. Chambers and Hiss in Betrayed. Joe Stalin in The Great Leader. Chaing kai-Chek in Victory and Rape. Jackie Olsen in The Kid Grows Up.Sammy Doren in Little Guys Have Big Ones. The Lonely Widow. Note: two-page spread of a woman with a flapper-type hairstyle reclining on a 'fucking machine'.

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