HIGH HEELS; An Eros Goldstripe Publication

HIGH HEELS; An Eros Goldstripe Publication. "Vol .10, No. 04"

"Wilmington, DE" Eros Publishing Co. Inc. 1980.

Item #80043

"magazine of 60pp., including covers. Illustrated from b/w and color photographs. High heel and boot fetish magazine, featuring pictorials of dominant, high-heeled women, plus article and fiction. Photo-features: Inches Above the Norm (Uschi Digard). He Licked Their Heels (fiction; Bill Ward illo). Boots Galore. The Shoe Freaks (article). High-Heeled Hannah ('the vamp of Savannah'). Men Love 'Em. Visions in Stiletto Heels. Blondie in Heels."

Price: $125.00