Item #71858 LATEX & LEATHER CATALOG #8; For Men and Women

LATEX & LEATHER CATALOG #8; For Men and Women.

Orange, CA: Spartacus Publishers, Inc., 1992. Saddle stapled magazine. Light shelfwear. Very good.

Item #71858

48pp., including covers, magazine-format catalogue of bondage equipment and devices, illustrated with color photographs of items in use on various models (women posing solo and together; some transvestite models). Includes: bras and panties, various corset and corselet styles, jackets, gloves, skirts, chastity leotard, dresses, riding skirt and jacket, maid uniform, bolero jacket and 'riding bitch' styles, collars, more corsets, skirts, tops and dresses for women and men who want to be women, new leashes & collars, minidresses, mermaid skirt, chaps, his or her shirt, jeans, vest, discipline helmet, exotic fashions (including 'boys will be girls' designs), jumpsuits, hobble dresses, cape, more coats and jackets, complete body binder, new body suit, armbinder, straitjacket, rubber sheets, et al.

Price: $45.00