Item #70989 LOVE BOAT - SHOW BIZ BALL; 8mm film

LOVE BOAT - SHOW BIZ BALL; 8mm film. No. LB3.

Love Boat. Light wear to box. Very good.

Item #70989

1 super 8mm 200ft color film in 7x 6 in. photo-illustrated cardboard box. Description of film is cut out of back of the box and scotch taped to the front. No leader. Blue plastic reel.
"In the upper deck lounge, Gary and Max are watching Valerie, the sexy black topless dancer who's a real turn-on. They get so hot they decide to join the show. Val is willing and begins by sucking both pricks. She kneels in front of Max, still licking his shaft, while Gary nails her from behind. As the other passengers watch, they reach the grand finale, Val bouncing up and down on Max's cock while sucking Gary's until they all cum with gusher climaxes." - From box.

Price: $9.00