KISS. Joel Fabricant, Dean Latimer, Peter Mikalajunas.

KISS. Vol. 1, No. 06 | June 23, 1969.

New York, NY: KISS, 1969. Tabloid newspaper. Light shelfwear. Very good.

Item #68307

20 pp. Adult newspaper featuring nude photos and articles on sexual topics, erotic fiction, art and culture. From the publishers of the East Village Other, [EVO]. Interview Probe: You Want To SEE Skin Flicks or BE Skin Flicks? (interview with sexploitation actresses Suzzan [Suzzan Landau] and Kamla; they "just finished 'Four on the Floor'"). Quotes from St. Theresa of Avila. Untitled one-page comic of a masturbating woman; no credit, but given Spain Rodriguez's involvement with Kiss and similarities to the figure modelling in his "Oh Tad" comic (previous issue, also uncredited), we'll let you draw your own conclusions. Centerspread is folded backwards and printed in reverse; large b/w photo of two women posed over a large penis and scrotum on a Flintstones paper plate; one is about to pour ketchup on it and the other has knife and fork poised to dig in. Half of center-spread is a nude model in a playful pose; the other half (printed in black, red and yellow; red plate out of register, is a Thrilling Comics! strip by Kim Deitch. A Message from Our President of the United States of Erotica, Robert Resnick. 'Andy Warhol's Underground' gossip column, with photos of Andy Warhol, Ingrid Superstar, Bridgit Polk, Taylor Mead, and Jane Fonda with Candy Darling. Rock Cocks - Only Hard Rock Stars Need Apply (the MC5). Hardy Boys (scandalous, satirical fiction). Carolee Schneeman Is a Happening (artilce). Back cover: Group photo [Betty Davis (Mrs. Miles Davis), Stella Benabou, Colette Harron, Devon Wilson, and John Edward Heys] labelled, 'They Wrapped It Up at 321 E. 9 St."; former location of Cafe La Mama.

Price: $250.00