Item #61791 RESPONSE TODAY; The Photo Magazine of Sexual Awareness

RESPONSE TODAY; The Photo Magazine of Sexual Awareness. Vol. 1, No. 1, October/November/December 1972.

San Diego, CA: Academy Press, 1972. Perfect bound magazine. Light shelfwear. Very good.

Item #61791

196 pp. including cardstock covers. Sexually explicit and hardcore b/w and color photographs illustrate serious, pseudo-scientific articles about various aspects of sexuality. This volume consists of a rebinding of past Response magazines without covers - Vol. 1 Nos. 1, 2, and 3. Articles are: Infidelity and you by Helen Mancini. Abortion: Should men decide? by Michelle Halloran. The Lesbian Way by Roberta Greene. Is this man a good lover? by Jane Gallion. Rock and Roll Woman by Gil Lamont. The Motherhood Myth: The Price of Inequality, by Alice Ramirez. Prostitution: Sacred and Profane by Mae Funston. Let's Make Sex! by David Sloane. Women's Liberation: New freedom or new fallacy? by Dia White. Pornography: a woman's viewpoint, by Beverly Warren. The Sexual Woman... Psychologically Speaking by Guy A. Hayman.
I lost it at the --: The First Time Around, by Gil Lamont. Teach Your children, by Jane Gallion. The Sexual Woman, by Guy A. Hayman. Review of What Every Woman Should Know about Men Sexually, by Gerald Summers. In Conflict - Love and Sex, by Robert Kline. AC-DC: The bisexual woman, by James Hall. Women Now by Jane Gallion Prostitution: Sacred and Profane by Mae Funston. Avoiding the biology trap by Larry Maddock.
Who Joins Sex Clubs? by James A. Kane. Prostitution: Sacred and Profane, by Mae Funston. The Motherhood Myth: Who Needs it by Felicia Beamer. Sex Without Love by Gwen Thomas. Women Now! by Susan Presnell. The Sensuous Man by David Sloane. Masturbation is Good For You by Mary Bennett. Teach Your Children to ask the right questions by Jane Gallion. The Sexual Liberation of the American Woman by Stanley M. Clark.
Staff: Susan Presnell. Agnes Beecham. Maria S. Cunningham. Paul Graham. Guy A. Hayman. James A. Hall, Nancy Lumet, and I.L. Whitten.

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