Item #17764 THE SIGN OF THE SCORPION. Robert Sewall.


New York: Grove Press, 1981. From the library of Patrick J. Kearney, with his small name sticker at the bottom of the front pastedown.

Item #17764
ISBN: 0394178947

223pp. An erotic novel. A beautiful, inexperienced young girl is determined to find her sister, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. An erotic novel originally put out at New York in 1942 in a mimeographed edition, and credited to one 'Wood C. Lamont.' The author's real name was Robert Sewall. The text of the original edition was changed somewhat from the author's manuscript by Gershon Legman, who had the job of typing the stencils. He disapproved of the flagellation scenes, and replaced them with episodes of his own designing that were more 'normal' in character. An edition conforming more to the author's original text, but truncated, was published in 1944 with the authorship ascribed to 'Bruce Abbott.' This was in turn reprinted in 1970 by Grove Press at New York as The Sign of the Scorpion. Full version of 1942 reprinted in 1989 by Red Stripe Books. B450.

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