Item #114180 SHORT; Issue 4: Seduction. Henry Jaglom, etc, Marianne O. Ulrichsen, Don Hertzfeldt.

SHORT; Issue 4: Seduction.

Jaglom, Henry, Don Hertzfeldt, Marianne O. Ulrichsen, etc.

Warner Brothers, 1999. DVD in case, with color insert. Light wear. Very Good.

Item #114180

80 min. Have you ever had a dream in which you've been cleaning a bathroom while filmmaker Henry Jaglom (Venice/Venice) talks over the phone about movie sex? Well, now you can have that experience vicariously via Rainier Judd's brief, weird introductions to each chapter in this short film anthology on the theme of seduction (of one or another kind). The section called "Marquee" offers Seth Edelstein's sweet World War II anecdote, Anticipating Sarah, in which an earnest G.I. returning home from European trenches awaits a woman to whom he has written but never seen. Marianne Olsen Ulrichsen's Kom is a touching tale of an old woman's erotic recollections from youth and the richness of love in winter. Hisao is Masahiro Sugano's startling, herky-jerky, experimental document about an underground Japanese singer-songwriter lured by fame. There's also an award-winning, animated piece called Lily and Jim, a witty and knowing testament to the ups and downs (mostly downs) of a blind date. Each of the films is accompanied by selectable production notes, and several feature alternate soundtracks, including a monologue by performance artist Annie Sprinkle for Kom. Certainly the biggest conversation piece among the remaining titles is Jeremy Boxer's The Last Supper, which concerns a rather ordinary-looking, yuppie dinner party in which a small practical joke leads to a shocking conclusion. You'd swear the story is based on urban legend, but Boxer insists it was derived from fact.

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