Item #102432 BPA FILM COLLECTION - Volume One 1939-1954 [Togehter With] Volume Two 1950-1987

BPA FILM COLLECTION - Volume One 1939-1954 [Togehter With] Volume Two 1950-1987.

Seattle: BPA Library, 2014. DVDs housed in plastic cases with inserts. All play well, and are in Very Good condition.

Item #102432

Each volume is a two disk set. Volume One, 1939-1954,” is a compilation of films from the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s. It includes three of Bonneville Power Administration's most notable films: “Hydro” (1939); “The Columbia: America’s Greatest Power Stream” (1949), the most famous BPA-produced film, which features songs balladeer Woody Guthrie composed while working for BPA in 1941; and “Highline” (1950), about the building of the Northwest electric transmission system. Volume Two, features films from the 1950s through 1987, the year of BPA’s 50th anniversary. The collection opens with a terrific film called “Stringing and Sagging a High-Voltage Transmission Line.” This film, made in 1950, shows how BPA engineers determined what kind of cable to use, and how to string it and sag it for the best transmission of high-voltage electricity. It features wonderful animation and tower models. The next film, “The World Behind Your Light Switch” (1966), explains the thousands of uses of electricity and shows how lines are repaired in all weather conditions and circumstances. It includes footage of the first repair done on the San Juan Cable, the laying of which was depicted in BPA’s 1952 film called “25,000 Volts Under the Sea,” which is part of first collection. The last film in the first group is “Great River.” Produced by BPA and the Bureau of Reclamation in 1963, this film covers many aspects of getting electricity and water to the people.

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